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Carneval + Filtech in Cologne


Blog post by Schuetze Konzept in english

Vivacious Cologne Carneval outside the FILTECH 2023, and inside 440+ Exhibitors showing new developments concerning filtration and separation of liquids and air. Both fields are always striving for maximum efficiency and higher qualities - an imperative for the actual multi-layer-crisis.

This years FILTECH exhibitors show new developments concerning filtration and separation of liquids and freshly filtered beer at an exhibitors stand.

Cologne is well known for its carnival and Kölsch beer. This years FILTECH offers both: a freshly filtered Beer at an exhibitors stand of the trade fair surrounded by the vivacious inner city of cologne where lots of people celebrate one big fancy dress party. 

Inside the FILTECH, 440+ exhibitors feature a major international conference under the influence of a multi-layer-crisis: Climate change, environmental degradation, shortage of resources, and increasing energy prices. The pandemic still in mind, the exhibition broadens the picture of filtration and separation towards all fluids: liquids plus air filtration. For both fields there are always new developments striving for maximum efficiency and higher qualities. 

In recent years, big efforts and investments have been made in the process industry to drive the digitalisation forward. This has led to extensive improvements in design, manufacturing and operation of separation machines and systems. 

Huge progress has been made in the field of simulation of processes in order to help predict performance in real time. The goal is to put autonomous processes into practice by means of a closed control loop, where the process models are coupled with a process control strategy. 

For all those who need solutions to costly problems and don’t want to wait for utopia, we offer process engineering solutions and  expert reports.

Should you need to solve a problem concerning your process plant or wish to get things right from the start, please feel free to get in touch. I am happy to assist.

Stephan Schütze is looking forward to seeing you at the #Filtech 2024

Or see you in Cologne next year!


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